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When will the publication first arrive after subscription?

Immediately upon receipt of payment we will forward your order. National Geographic, The Financial Times, Economist and all of
the Finnish publication subscriptions begin during the 4 weeks after the payment.

Estonian magazine subscriptions also begin
during the 4 weeks after the payment. Subscriptions from the
United Kingdom and USA begin from 6 to 10 weeks after the payment.
For example: if the payment is made on the 15. of May then the first
copy of Vogue will arrive in the end of June and it will be the July edition.

Can a subscription be cancelled?

A subscription can be cancelled only when the publisher allows it. If a subscription can be cancelled, the publisher will take into account their expenses related to the cancellation.

Bank transfers and publications that have already been mailed count as expenses.

Can a subscription be redirected to a different address?

ublications can be redirected. To do so, you may send a corresponding e-mail to – the redirection will come into effect in a couple of weeks.

What to do if an issue of a publication doesn’t arrive?

If an issue of a publication is missing, please inform us as soon as you receive the issue after the missing one. The faster you inform us, the faster we can organise a replacement issue. If the missing number isn’t available any more, the subscription will be lengthened by one month.

I can’t find the publication that I’m looking for on the web page.

Only the most popular publications are listed on our web page, but you can subscribe to almost any publication through us. If you have a single or multiple publications which you didn’t find from our web page, please contact us on and we will send you a price offer

Processing of personal data

By submitting an order the submitter agrees that the personal data included in the order form will be used to formalize and complete the order and also to send a notification when the subscription period is ending.

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